In Schools

At Petits Chanteurs we have developed an exciting programme of French tuition that is suitable for all primary school infants as either an extra-curricular Lunch Club type activity or as a stand alone session within the school timetable.

We believe infants have an ability to absorb new languages much easier than junior age children and yet there is often no provision for language tuition during the first three years of primary school. By introducing French sessions to Reception age children  we can guarantee that by Year 3 these children will already be confident young linguists with a good grasp of the basic language. This advantage will stay with them throughout their education and be of enormous benefit when they are required to study a language at secondary school.

We bring a wide variety of resources with us and engage the children in French songs, stories & role play exercises including shopping & other scenarios  to develop confidence and fluency  in conversational French.

Please contact us for more information about our Schools Package.                    MOB: 07504 440 77


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