Meet the teachers

Petits Chanteurs French & music classes are led by Anna Park, Elise Lines and Sarah White.

Anna is a fully qualified teacher with 16 years experience of leading music & dance sessions in Nursery & Special Needs settings. She plays the guitar & piano & ran the lunchtime Music Club sessions at Beech Hyde Nursery from 2008 till 2010.

She has lived in Wheathampstead since 1997 and has two daughters aged 10 and 6 years. She strongly believes that introducing new languages (including music) to young children is particularly beneficial to their developing minds & gives them the building blocks for skilful communication in later life.

(She also calls successful ceilidhs & barn dances including the Wheathampstead Village Day Barn Dance  – see )

Contact her on: or  07504 440 778

Petits Chanteurs are very excited to welcome Elise on board – as a natural French speaker she gives the children an even greater opportunity to be immersed in the language and develop a truly authentic French accent!

Elise comes from the Loire valley region in the West of France and moved to Wheathampstead in 2006. Having 2 boys aged 5 and 2, she can see first hand how young children enjoy learning a foreign language and how complete immersion is the best approach in order to make the quickest progress. A bientôt.

Sarah is a fluent French speaker who led the Wheathampstead Rainbows pack for two years. She has lived in Wheathampstead since 2000 and has two girls aged 10 and 8 years. She loves sharing her love of the French language with young children &  has seen for herself how introducing the language at an early age gives them a huge headstart & greater fluency. She is a true francophile and  loves holidaying in France (of course) & sampling the local delicacies!

Biscuit is our Petits Chanteurs Mascot.

He speaks fluent French and loves to share music and stories with the Petits Chanteurs children. He looks forward to every session and loves teaching his favourite French songs!

Chantal is our friendly Shop & Cafe Owner.

Each week she opens up a  different shop/cafe with plenty of surprises. The children really enjoy visiting Chantal with their Euros & buying items from her shop practising their new  French  conversation skills.

Qu’est-ce que tu veux acheter aujourd’hui?        What would you like to buy today?

Chantal also has a Magical Colour Box:                     Quel couleur sont les choses dans le boite aujourd’ hui?  What colour are the things in the box today?


6 responses to “Meet the teachers

  1. Hello, are you looking for any teachers or helpers at the moment? I am a fluent French speaker with a lot of experience with children. I would be interested in finding our more about the school.

    Emma Mitchell

    • Hi Emma,
      Many thanks for your enquiry and interest in our school. Although
      we aren’t currently in a position of needing more teachers/helpers we are
      hoping to expand over this coming year so we’ll happily save your contact details
      and let you know if an opportunity should arise.
      Best wishes
      Anna Park

  2. Sally Woodcock

    Hi, do you know of any French conversation groups in Wheathampstead area? My daughter is looking to brush up before starting French at university in October.

    • Hi Sally,
      So sorry for the late response. I’m afraid I don’t know of a French conversation group in Wheathampstead but
      I believe there is one in St Albans. I will ask my French colleague Elise about it and get back to you with details asap.

  3. Hello
    do you currently offer french sessions for babies around harpenden or did I read that you were stopping these from April 2012? I am hoping to bring up my baby bilingually as I speak french but my husband speaks english and am doing some research, but finding it hard to find activities for young babies.

    • Hello Muriel
      Many apologies for not spotting your question re French sessions for your baby on my website before now.
      We have unfortunately temporarily suspended our parent & toddler sessions @ Petits Chanteurs.

      We struggled to find a morning venue available in the Harpenden area & we found our weekly afternoon
      sessions in Wheathampstead suffered because too many little ones needed their afternoon naps!
      Instead we now run private sessions in Nurseries and schools for 2.5 yr olds upwards but would hope to resume
      parent & baby/toddler groups in the future should we find a suitable venue.

      However my colleague at Petits Chanteurs, Elise, has successfully brought up her two young sons bilingually – if you
      would like me to I could pass on her personal contact details – she would be the best person to advise you
      on how she went about it & the support group in St Albans she attended.

      I will email you her private email address.
      Many thanks

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