The Sessions

At Petits Chanteurs we believe that music and language play a vital role in a child’s intellectual, social and emotional development. Singing and aural activities  effectively support developing language skills and enable young children to readily absorb new sounds, vocabulary and grammatical form.

In our sessions the  French language is  introduced through its use in songs,  role-play exercises and conversation. We meet our friendly French friend Biscuit, a cuddly dog who wakes up especially to share action songs and fun aural activities with Petits Chanteurs.

We sing our Welcome Song & pass the ‘Je m’appelle’ name tambourine.

We learn how to describe the weather in French and learn new vocabulary including groceries, family names, weekdays,  animals,  numbers and everyday useful phrases.

We meet Chantal the Rag Doll and visit her ever changing shop (Boulangerie, Patisserie or Epicerie) to buy bread, cakes, fruit or vegetables so we can practise our French conversation. Sometimes we order hot food and drinks at her Café or choose a toy from her Magasin de Jouets or a pet from her Boutique d’animaux.  We enjoy spending our Euros and always say ‘Merci Chantal Au revoir’.

Chantal sometimes shares her magical colour box with us.  All of the things inside are the same  colour and we have fun exploring and counting the different objects. Il ya combien de tasse bleu?

Each session ends with our Goodbye Song & our farewell to Biscuit. Au revoir Petits Chanteurs, a la prochaine. (Goodbye little singers – until next time!)

© All text & images are owned by Anna Park 2012.


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